International Journal of Social Science Research and Review (IJSSRR)  ISSN 2700-2497 invites the submission of original manuscripts on a full range of topics related to social science in all areas. To qualify for consideration, submissions must meet the scholarships standards within the appropriate discipline and be of interest to an interdisciplinary readership. It publishes articles on recent Religious studies, Cultural studies, Multicultural studies, Ethnic relations, Educational research and Peace Studies. Some of the articles also take an interdisciplinary approach.

We also welcome applications (or nominations) for editorial board members, and editors and reviewers. Responsibilities of editorial board members include the identification and recruitment of other editorial members, reviewers, and authors. Privileges of being an editorial team member include a waiver of submission and publishing fees. Contributions and a letter of interest can be sent to us through emails.

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Waivers and Discounts

For authors publishing in IJSSRR, IJSSRR offers waivers and discounts to corresponding authors based in low- and middle-income countries.

To ensure that editorial decisions are never influenced by ability to pay, it is IJSSRR policy that editors of open access journals are not involved in correspondence with authors regarding payment of Article Publication Charges (APCs). The automatic waiver system will be managed by administrative staff not involved in decisions regarding article acceptance. We ask authors not to discuss any issues concerning payment with editors.