The Expansion of the Bureaucratic Structure and Financing Regional Development in Indonesia

  • Muhammad Nawawi University of Tadulako, Indonesia
  • M. Nur Alamsyah University of Tadulako, Indonesia
Keywords: Expansion; Formality; Bureaucracy; Local Government; Village; Autonomy


This study is about an expansion as a goal used by local elites to expand the bureaucratic structure for politicizing the position of political support and obtaining central funding. The existence of soft requirements which tends to be determined by the local government makes the provisions and process of expansion only for the fulfillment of formal aspects without substance related to the urgency of expansion strategically and economically.  This study used a mixed-method that emphasizes a meaningful approach to the situation faced in the expansion by administering a survey on communities’, government administrators, and stakeholders’ opinions in assessing the expansion success. In addition, in-depth interviews were conducted with community leaders, especially those involved in the initial expansion as well as prominent community leaders to find out the expansion plan achievements. This study found that the expansion carried out at the village and sub-district levels had a positive impact on community perception, increased financing, and development. The expansion has allowed each new region the opportunity to finance development through various schemes and the availability of positions for the bureaucracy to gain support for the political power of politicians.

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Nawawi, M., & Alamsyah, M. N. (2024). The Expansion of the Bureaucratic Structure and Financing Regional Development in Indonesia. International Journal of Social Science Research and Review, 7(5), 83-95.