An Exploration of the Use of Software Technology to Combat Identify Theft in South Africa

Keywords: Identity theft, Software technology, Crime prevention, Fraud, Personal data


In the contemporary information age, individuals grapple with a myraid of challenges impeding the effective safegaurding of personal information, thereby exerting profound ramfications on both consumers and businesses. A notable obstacle in this milieu is the pervasive occurance of identity theft, a formidable adversary that not only infringes upon the privacy of victims but also poses a potential menace to their financial stability, by instigating emotional distress. The principal objective of this study was to assess extant software technology and delve into prospective innovations capable of mitigating identity theft within the context of South Africa. Anticipated outcomes encompass the provision of valuable insights into existing software technologies dedicated to prevent identity theft, and by furnishing entities with information essential for well-informed decision-making. The research findings substantially influenced this study's conclusions when formulating recommendations for preventative software technology. This study fervently advocates for the efficacious deployment of software technology as an indispensable instrument in the concerted effort to combat identity theft. Within the dynamic landscape of technology, the cultivation of vigilance, continuous information assimilation, and adaptability emerge as imperative prerequisites to outmanoeuvre individuals seeking to exploit vulnerabilities in the digital identities. The envisaged contribution of this research was to promulgate the notion that the establishment of a robust framework, actively minimising the threat of identity theft, necessitates prioritisation of proactive measures, ongoing educational initiatives, and strict adherence to data protection regulations. Negotiating the intricate terrain of an increasingly digital landscape mandates the incorporation of precautionary technologies by consumers, to ensure a safer and more secure online environment.         

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Pheiffer, D. C., & Naude, C. J. (2024). An Exploration of the Use of Software Technology to Combat Identify Theft in South Africa. International Journal of Social Science Research and Review, 7(5), 191-202.