The Use of Folklore Materials in Teaching Russian Language at the University

  • Sayyora Khamidovna Sheralieva Lecturer, Kokand State Pedagogical Institute named after Mukimi, Uzbekistan
Keywords: Folklore; Ethnography; Historicism; Literary Criticism; Folk Art; Philological Folklore; Cult; Rite; Custom; Ethnogenesis; Pretentiousness; Hyperbolicity


This article describes the theoretical and practical issues of using folklore material in the educational process at universities, the meaning of the concept of “folklore”, the characteristics of this folklore material, as well as the methodology of using folklore material in Russian language classes in interfaculty areas of a higher educational institution. In the work, folklore material is presented as a means of studying the Russian language in a university audience in order to develop the cognitive abilities of student youth. This paper presents a system of work on the use of folklore materials in the educational process in order to improve the Russian speech of student youth, cognitive and educational potential in teaching students the Russian language. At the same time, tasks have been developed specifically for students of the interfaculty direction, contributing to the intensification of the educational process at the university. The subject of the research is the organization of educational material on the Russian language based on the use of folklore materials in the study of program materials in the university audience. The object of the work is the process of teaching the Russian language in higher educational institutions of the country on the basis of materials on folklore. The purpose of the work is to build a scientifically based system of work based on folklore materials aimed at developing oral speech skills of students, as well as increasing positive motivation for students to study the Russian language.


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